Chad is the owner and founder of Juggernaut Training Systems, as well as being one of the most highly regarded strength coaches and athletes of the modern era. As an athlete, Chad has posted Top 10 All-Time Total in wraps (1055kg/2325#) and sleeves (1010kg/2226#), won 2 National Championships in the Shot Put and earned his Pro Card in Strongman. As a coach, he has helped cultivate the talents of some of the world’s strongest lifters including Marisa Inda (2x USAPL Champion and American Record Holder), Andy Huang (Top 5 All-Time Total at 125kg/275#), Brandon Allen (1045kg/2303# Total in Wraps, 1017.5kg/2242# Total in Sleeves at SHW), Tee Popoola (952.5kg/2099# Total in Sleeves at 110kg/242#), Kevin Torres (Top 5 Total in Wrap and Sleeves at 75kg/165#), Steve Gentili (965kg/2127# Total in Wraps at 125kg/275#), as well as sending over 50 athletes onto Division 1 Athletic Scholarships.


Max Aita has been involved in the sports of Weightlifting and Powerlifting as a coach and athlete for the better part of 2 decades. As the head coach of Team Juggernaut, Max draws on his own personal experience with some of the most accomplished coaches in the world to design and implement the best possible training and programing for all of his athletes. Max has coached National Record holders in Weightlifting and All Time world record holders in Powerlifting. He has coached all levels of ability from Masters competitors learning for the first time, to the most elite Weightlifters in the country.


Marisa Inda is one of the most celebrated female strength athletes in the World today. With a long athletic history as a gymnast and bodybuilder, Inda has risen to the highest ranks in powerlifting. A multiple time USAPL National Champion, Inda’s crowning achievement came at the 2017 Arnold where she broke the All-Time Total World Record in the 52kg Class on her way to winning the IPF Grand Prix. Inda’s strength and beauty has earned her worldwide acclaim, including an appearance on The Ellen Show. Inda is the current American Record Holder in the Bench and Deadlift, as well as the World Record Holder in the Total.


Andy is a powerlifting coach, personal trainer, and neuromuscular therapist currently operating out of Baton Rouge Louisiana and Southern California. For the last 11 years he has combined both his formal education and his firsthand experience to help countless individuals build confidence in themselves by growing stronger, transforming their bodies, and improving their overall health and well being. Andy prides himself on being a very straight forward coach who is very thorough, detail orientated and committed to treating all of his clients with the same level of responsive coaching and detailed guides to help them achieve their goals.
– Certifications from NASM, Poliquin Performance, CHEK Institute, Active Isolated Stretching, St Johns Neuromuscular Therapy, and various other forms of massage modalities.
– Champion Bodybuilder
– Currently ranked 2nd in the World in the 125kg/275# Weightclass
-382.5kg/843# Squat in Sleeves
-230kg/507# Bench
-382.5kg/843# Deadlift
-995kg/2193# Total


Anthony Pomponio, based in Oceanside, CA is a 2020 Olympic hopeful. Pomp trains full time at JuggernautHQ under head Coach Max Aita. After starting for 4 years as a running back in college and graduating with a degree in Kinesiology and Nutritional Science, Pomp played professional football in Switzerland for the Basel Gladiators. After a brief but very successful bodybuilding career, Pomp discovered weightlifting in September 2010 where he was introduced to the sport by his coach/mentor Nick Frasca. Pomp holds competitions PRs of 156kg in the snatch and 186kg in the Clean & Jerk. His proudest accomplishment in weightlifting to date is becoming the 2015 USAW National Champion in the 85kg Class which earned his place on the 2015 China Grand Prix Team for an opportunity to compete for Team USA.
– 2015 National Champion
– 2014 & 2015 American Open Champion
– 156kg Snatch and 186kg Clean & Jerk


Kristen Dunsmore is a powerlifter and coach based out of JuggernautHQ in Laguna Niguel, CA. Kristen has achieved some of the highest results in the country in her weight class, as well as holding an advanced degree in Exercise Science. · MS in Exercise Science from Syracuse University
· BS in Health Science and Human Performance from University Tampa
· Former Director of Programming for Ohio State Powerlifting Team, 2016 National and World Collegiate Champions.
· Former Research and Development intern at Dymatize Nutrition LLC.
· 63kg USAPL Raw Powerlifter
• Squat: 157.5kg (347lbs)
• Bench: 92.5kg (204lbs)
• Deadlift: 190kg (419lbs)
– 473.92 Wilkes