Juggernaut’s Club Weightlifting Coaching is a 3 or 5 Day/Week training plan designed by Max Aita. This program is great for Beginner and Intermediate lifters to help organize their training, identify their areas for improvement and receive guidance from Juggernaut coaches.



Team Weightlifting Coaching is a more in-depth coaching option for athletes who are looking for more personalized programming. Our Team Coaching programs gives athletes access to a number of different programs organized by Frequency, Gender, Experience and Ability, as well as Team Juggernaut’s Coaching Staff for video feedback.



1 on 1 Weightlifting Coaching is our highest level coaching available. You and your coach will work together to create a customized program to fit your needs and your coach will be there every step of the way to help improve your technique, tweak your program and guide your progress.



Masters Weightlifters are a booming group of athletes, who are often overlooked when it comes to training information. Juggernaut Masters Club Coaching is designed by Max Aita, Head Coach of Team Juggernaut and several Masters World and American Record holders, to meet the unique needs of the 35+ year old lifter as they look to improve movement, manage fatigue and enhance strength.


For questions about services and orders, please use the form here or email us at OnlineCoaching@JTSstrength.com.